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Puréed Apples/Applesauce Baby Food Recipe
Apple Baby Food Recipes for (4-6 months) Babies
Recipe Ingredients :
5-10 large apples (try Macintosh, Gala or Braeburn.)
Recipe Instructions :
1. Peel, core and cut apple into slices/chunks.
2. Place slices or chunks into a pan with just enough water to slightly cover apples.
3. Boil/steam until tender; be sure to check on the water level and stir.
4. Apples may be mashed with a potato masher to achieve a smooth applesauce consistency. If your masher will not achieve a puree type of consistency, then follow steps 5 - 7.
5. Reserve any left over water to use for thinning out the apples.
6. Place into your choice of appliance for pureeing and begin pureeing.
7. Add the reserved water as necessary to achieve a smooth, thin puree.
8. Add cereal (if desired) to thicken up the applesauce.
9. Ask your pediatrician about adding some cinnamon for new tastes.

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