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Pumpkin Stew w/ Cinnamon Baby Food Recipe
Pumpkin Baby Food Recipes for (8 months+) Babies
Recipe Ingredients :
1 lb (2 cups) pumpkin, cut into 1 inch strips
5 fl oz (2/3 cup) water
1 tsp unsalted butter
1 tsp flour
5 fl oz (2/3 cup) milk (you can use formula/breastmilk if you wish)
1 pinch cinnamon
1 pinch freshly ground black pepper (optional)
Recipe Instructions :
1. Place the pumpkin strips in a saucepan with the water and butter and simmer until very tender.
2. Drain, reserving the cooking liquid, and place in a warm dish.
3. Mix the flour and milk together to form a smooth paste, then stir in the water you used to cook the pumpkin.
4. Pour mixture back into the saucepan and boil for a few minutes, stirring constantly.
5. Add the pepper and cinnamon, then pour the sauce over the pumpkin strips.
6. Mash lightly with a fork, or puree if necessary.

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