Homemade Baby Food For Your Baby
Mixed Apple Purée/Applesauce Baby Food Recipe
Apple Baby Food Recipes for (4-6 months) Babies
Recipe Ingredients :

1/2 cup water
5 medium apples (1 Macintosh, 1 Granny Smith, 1 Braeburn, 2 Fuji)

Recipe Instructions :

1. Core, peel, and dice apples.
2. Add pinch of cinnamon and drop of vanilla if desired.
3. Combine all ingredients in large saucepan and bring to a gentle boil.
4. Lower heat and simmer until "sauce" like consistency is achieved; ensure that you check on the liquid level.
5. Mash, strain and puree the resulting "sauce" as needed.
6. May be frozen in ice cube trays for baby food cubes.


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