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Carrot-Potato Puree Baby Food Recipe
Carrot Baby Food Recipes for (6-8 months) Babies
Recipe Ingredients :
1 kg of carrots, peel.
300g of potatoes
Recipe Instructions :
1. Peel carrots and potatoes.
2. Pour about 1 cm of water into the pressure cooker.
3. Insert the food holder into the pressure cooker and add the carrots and potatoes into the pressure cooker.
4. Pressure cook for 15 minutes.
5. Save about 230ml of the water out of the cooker and pour away the rest, leaving just the carrots and potatoes in the open cooker.
5. Add the 230ml of water back into the cooker.
6. Use a hand mixer to mash the water, carrots and potatoes right in the cooker until you reach a wonderfully creamy consistency.
7. Serve and then pour the excess puree into jam glasses (be careful to leave about 1 cm unfilled so the puree has space to expand when deep frozen).
8. A day before it is needed, move a jar of the baby food from the freezer into the normal fridge and then heat with the microwave just before serving (test that is not too warm).

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