Homemade Baby Food For Your Baby
Carrot and Apple Recipe For Babies
Carrot Baby Food Recipes for (6-8 months) Babies
Recipe Ingredients :
1/2 Fuji apple or Golden Delicious apple, peeled and diced
1 pound (about 1 bag; 16 ounces) organic baby carrots, cleaned and peeled
Recipe Instructions :
1. Put carrots in a steamer basket, place in a pan over medium heat.
2. Fill water until it comes in contact with bottom of the basket.
3. Slowly bring to boil, cover. Turn heat down to low and steam for 10 minutes.
4. Add diced apple to carrots, steam for additional 10 minutes.
5. Remove from heat and cool 5 minutes.
6. Place apple and carrots on high in a blender or food processor.
7. Add 1/2 of the steaming liquid, keep the remaining liquid.
8. Puree ingredients until to desired consistency. Add more steaming liquid if needed.
9. Keep uneaten portion in a glass jar or small food container and refrigerate.

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